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  • Brand identity
  • Communication Strategy
  • Narrative


  • UX/UI
  • Product design
  • Development


  • Art Direction
  • Strategy
  • Placement
<span>We support startups </span><span>and ventures which shift </span><span>innovation ecosystem</span> - Cover Image

We support startups and ventures which shift innovation ecosystem


Digital brand presence and UX/UI research of extended reality interfaces for the creator of global holographic communication.
  • pitch design
  • product presentation
  • XR interface design


Helping the London startup to start a revolution in accommodation. With product design for app that helps tenants in a rented property.
  • product design
  • UX/UI

civitta slovakia

Helping the start-up and creative industry consultants launch multiple projects that empower CEE innovation ecosystem.
  • branding
  • development
  • webdesign

credo ventures

Empowering digital presence for one of the CEE venture fund since 2015.
  • development
  • webdesign
<span>We help people </span><span>and organisations move </span><span>their environment forward</span> - Cover Image

We help people and organisations move their environment forward

A&T Days

Levelling up the digital experience for the guests, speakers of week-long conference conference about technologies and art.
  • development
  • UX/UI
  • webdesign

šopa gallery

Application of the complex visual style based on unique voice identification pattern for every exhibition into website.
  • branding
  • development
  • UX/UI
  • webdesign

Urban Intervention More Košice

Fundraising campaign and design of the urban furniture which transformed abandoned river bank into rest place for the locals.
  • branding
  • landscape architecture
  • social media campaign

Progressive Slovakia

Long-term brand development of the young political movement and in-house support of multiple electoral campaigns.
  • art direction
  • branding
  • production
  • social media
<span>Moving world forward </span><span>starts at well-being </span><span>for everyone</span> - Cover Image

Moving world forward starts at well-being for everyone

Pán Ryba

Integration of the concept bistro, branding and illustration into spatial, visual and sensual experience.
  • interior design


Special event website for vibrant, cosy and natural festival Atmosféra.
  • art direction
  • development
  • UX/UI

Reverecare (Cera Care)

London-based technology-enabled home care company. It allows families to arrange and manage home care for elderly relatives.
  • illustration
  • webdesign

Košice Green

We support the delivery of the green news and events from the municipality of Košice.
  • development
  • webdesign

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